Teenage Twitch

by New World (FKA HMNS)

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released March 16, 2016




New World (FKA HMNS) Los Angeles, California

soul food

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Track Name: pretty in person
You look tired, have you lost sleep from dealing with me. my attraction nonexistent, my persuasion is persistent. Now your psyche in a headlock, and my charm at your sleeve. cut away from all the notions that i won’t let you breathe.
if i were blind you know you’re all that i would see. inside of you i feel akin to a disease. red in the face from all the blood i choose to bleed. infected and pretty in person to me.
Every day turns to a weak to month to year, i fear that i will always be this person so in love with fear, so let me purge(PURGE) away my sanity and gouge(GOUGE) out my humanity, in lust i must confess that it’s become quite clear, bad habits remind me to forget everything, and with the pressure that returns every spring, in every single dead neurotic tendency, you satiate me to make me hate me.
Track Name: teenage twitch
san francisco i love you but you’re bringing me down
prying my veins siphoning blood. is it reality or a lies flood. dead inside my head i stay all day running along tracks that i will never let stray. disconnected so nobody can comment on my life or what i do. my demeanor is not an open forum for your input. pain and struggle associated with setting boundaries with those i struggle to love. Paint me the picture you want me to be. ensure the pastel is thick enough to cut through my psyche, layered regret soaked in memories of what i try to forget. take me seriously or give me death. carve the opposite of romance into where my heart should be. imagination is fleeting. creativity runs dry. this is a fucking waste of time. the motherland abandoned and i am left to walk a crooked mile. curse me. crossed out. pray to not be preyed upon. preyed upon myself. waves of worry. condemned to a life of obsession and obliteration.
my friends keep me insane.
oh promised land.
I have built a dream just to tear it down.

thin skin.
thin skin.
i am the harm principle in effect. i can only feel you shake. i will only hear you cry. i can only watch you break.
i will only hurt you.
i will make it worse.
a one night stand for all that i am.
i will pull you from sleep and preserve every single dream i can keep.
living with the city, flirting with home. i
teenage twitch could ruin your life. teenage twitch could save your soul. teenage twitch a kiss for my friends. teenage twitch loathed but missed in the end. teenage twitch shook my veins. teenage twitch pulled my reigns. teenage twitch brought me to start. teenage twitch won’t remission my heart. teenage twitch reminds me that my pain is temporary. teenage twitch shows me who i fucking am. teenage twitch rejects my own reality.

have i lost my mind or have i just found it

(second half)
find your own strength, don’t rely on your crutch.
let the pain heal on its own.
don’t let it tear you apart
don’t tear yourself apart.
abuse the ground you walk on.
Track Name: grow up
waste away in another life. talk about me while I'm gone so i can stay alive. i will spend all of my nights under my own knife. to surgically remove the parts of me that I don’t like.
I can see that you’re growing more than me
i drape myself in all this energy
just a boy lost on the way to ecstasy
enduring pain prescribed to latter parts of me

can’t you feel it sink
and do you notice i don’t think

ALL I KNOW IS that you’re growing more than me
write out the parts where i show the best i can be
but in my book i disregard all your apathy
no one left, so you’ll just have to settle for me

on the road of improvement, try not to sink
but when you do, stay away from insanities brink
on the road to perfection, don’t let your mind, get in the way
you know that i’d like to come, but i have to get out of my own way